Village shop & Fish smokery

Traditional method of smoking fish
Strandis is considered by many to be the best fish smokery in the area. We smoke our fish with a traditional method used by local people for centuries – a true form of art. Most of the fish we smoke comes from local waters – caught by local fishermen. We mostly sell common whitefish and salmon – depending on the cathes we can also offer trout and perch. Please, ask also for fresh fish, salted fish and cold smoked fish!

Locally produced meat and baked bread
This summer we will broaden the product range in our village store with meat from the Björkens farm marinated in our own kitchen and fresh bread baked on site. When the fish smokery is closed you can buy smoked fish from our store. We keep a range of daily and special goods and items – and aim at broadening the range further with items from our neighborhood. Please tell us if there is something missing or if you have good suggestions on what we should take in! At the store we also have postal services and a gas station for boats. The store belongs to the Finnish Tarmo chain of independent storeowners.