Café & Restaurant

Italian coffee at Strandis
At Strandis there is both a café and a restaurant. At our café you can enjoy a refreshing morning coffee with breakfast or an afternoon coffee accompanied with a pastry. Make your coffee moment a bit more luxurious – we have taken on Italian coffee on our list!

Menu with local ingredients
Our restaurant menu includes lots of local produce – the food is simple, straightforward and abundant. If you are looking for a maritime dish, pick our smoked fish plates! The ingredients in our meat dishes come from the local Björkens farm, and vegetables are ordered from nearby producers especially in summertime as much as possible. You can also find the local influence in our pizza menu – how about our Pizza Gloskär special or our Salmon pizza?

Our menu  is available in pdf here. (at the moment only in Swe/Fin)

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Smoked fish from our smokery, fresh vegetables from local producers and locally produced meat from Björkens – this is what our menu is about! Check  it out  here!  The last page is in English.