Enjoy winter bathing from 1.10-30.4.

Our winter swimming season stretches from October 1st to April 30th. During the season our sauna is warm every day (Sundays closed) according to our opening hours below. All winter swimmers are automatically a part of our club for winter swimmers.

The winterswimming season 1.10.2022-30.4.2023

Opening hours:

Mon-Thu 14-20.30
Fri 14-19
Sat 12-18

Sundays closed

Women only: Tuesdays from 14.00 to 16.30

Prices 2022-2023

Price 1 x
10 x Season, whole
Season, half
Adult 7,00 55,- 195,- 130,-
Pensioner / Student 6,00 45,- 155,- 110,-
Child under 16 years 4,00

*A whole season is from 1.10. until 30.4. Halv season starts 1.1. and ends 30.4.


Saunaboating in the summer

Enjoy boating and sauna bathing at the same time
Off the deck of the saunaboat M/S Gloskär you can safely enjoy the summery archipelago at close range. Rent the boat for an evening if  you like. Our crew will take you on a unique adventure on the beautiful lake Larsmo; here you can relax, enjoy the scenery, good food and bathe in a sauna at the same time – in the middle of the lake. In the wintertime the boat rests anchored in the harbour, if you wish to rent the cozy grillplace for your events this is possible also in the wintertime!

Sauna on the shore
If you would rather enjoy your sauna from the shore, we have another sauna on dry land. In this big sauna there is enough room for 60 persons at a time, but it is also suitable for smaller groups. From the sauna you can take a dip into the cooling lake. In the summertime we raise a festive tent beside the sauna – if you like you can order catering from our restaurant. In the wintertime we keep the water in the lake open for winter swimmers – welcome all you ice bears to take a refreshing dip!

Typical night out on the saunaboat M/S Gloskär:

  1. The group gets on board in the Strandis harbour.
  2. We take off towards the Larsmo bay.
  3. Approximately half an hour later we anchor the boat at a nice spot.
  4. Saunabathing may begin.
  5. If catering is included this is when food is beautifully put up and served.
  6. The night out on the boat leans to an end when we sail back to the harbour.
  7. We return to the Strandis harbour approximately 4 hours after departure.

M/S Gloskär is best suited for groups of 12-24 persons.

Price example

  • 4 hour trip 480€ (max 15 pers.) If your group is bigger, please ask for an offer.
    • eg. 18.00-22.00
    • including warm sauna, boatsman
  • Catering e.g. fish menu from 23€ / person
  • Beverages at store prices. Beverages can be
    • brought along
    • ordered from the Strandis shop (we deliver them to the boat)
  • Towel rent 1,50€ / pc.

Additional services: Ask us about transportation to and from Strandis.



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Smoked fish from our smokery, fresh vegetables from local producers and locally produced meat from Björkens – this is what our menu is about! Check  it out  here!  The last page is in English.